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What materials does the mat consist of?
The mats consist of naturally durable rubber and are free from metals such as lead and cadmium. The patterned top is made of a soft vegan suede polyester printed with water-based ecological paint. 

How do I take the best care of my mat?
We recommend that you wipe the mat clean whenever needed or wash in the machine at 30 degrees. Let hang dry.

Do you use any glue or toxic materials?
Also free from toxic glue, phtalates, latex and silicone.

Without glue, how is the pattern top layer attached to the base layer?
Our manuefacture use a method called Heat Sublimation that attaches the top layer to the base layer with heat, without using any glue or synthetic materials. 

Will you make a longer mat? 
The dimensions of our mat is standard, 173 x 61 cm and 3.5 mm thick. At the moment we are not planning on making any other dimensions than this.

Why is the mat a bit heavy?
The base of mat is made out of 100% natural rubber, with no plastic or other materials. Therefore it weights 2,5 kg. 

Why do I find the mat slippery?
It's totally normal the first times, don't you worry. Our premium mats works the opposite way of plastic mats. The more sweat, the better the grip becomes. To activate the anti-slip function you need to get the mat wet. Either use a water bottle to spray it or splash it with to activate the anti-slip function. Also, the more you use your mat, the better the grip gets. The mat gets better the more worn in it becomes.

Do I need to always bring a spray bottle to class?
Not always, just the first couple of times you use the mat. It's ideal for hot yoga where you normally work some heat and sweat up (or at least we do). All premium yoga mats needs a good break in be the best it can be. 

How do I get the best grip?
Besides the anti-slip function, we recommend you to challenge your body and work active with both hands and feet to really become one with the mat.
Looking for a mat from the previous collection?
We create limited edition collections each season and styles from previous collections that are sold out are unfortunately difficult to get your hands on. The products that you see in our
webshop are the ones that we sell at the moment. If you are lucky, you might be able to find a mat from previous collections in some of our retailers stores.


When will I have my new yoga mat?
If you live in Scandinavia you will probably have your mat quicker than most of your yogi friends, average is within 3 business days. If you are based in Europe, you can expect 4-10 business days and the rest of the world normally receives their order within 7-10 business days.

Can I change or cancel my order?
Once we recieve your order we are trying to be a as quick as possible with sending it out so you guys can have your new mat asap. This also means that your mat has most probably already left us the same day as you placed your order. Look for the confirmation email with details about your shipping.

If you're having second thoughts about the style you chose or want to change color, you will unfortunately have to wait till you receive your mat, return it and then order a new one.

How do you pack the mat?
Each mat is packed in a beautiful designed cardboard box. A  strap to carry your mat with is included in the package. 


shipping & return

You find all info about shipping and return policy here.